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PREMIUM PIPS is a wealth management company established for the purpose of maximizing the opportunities in the financial market to grow wealth for investors and provide employment opportunities for trainees.

Our investment portfolio cuts across the key sectors of the financial market; Forex and stocks . Everyday we take advantage of the opportunities in these markets to grow funds for investors. Our return on investment makes us every investor's toast.

We spread our tentacles to analysis and signals for professional traders. With long years of experience in the financial market, traders can place confidence in our strategy and make money using our analysis and signals

Our Investment Portfolio


According to a recent statistics, the forex market has a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion, making it the most actively traded market globally. With our team of expert traders who take part in this market, enormous profit is being realized, consistent capital growth achieved and Investors given sufficient return on investment.


We also seek opportunity in the different stocks market particularly the US stock exchange with trades volumes in Billions of US dollars.


We analyse and bet on the prices of both gold and silver usually paired against the US dollars. The volatility of these pairs makes them a honeycomb of Capital growth.


The performance of a basket of stocks is traded as indices. We have traders specialized in indices. This is important to our long term goal of Capital growth


The most important commodities are soya bean, crude and precious metals. Enormous opportunities abound in the price fluctuations of these commodities.


We bet on energies like natural gas and gasoline. Swift change in prices is effective in Capital growth.

Premium Pips Academy

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Cost: Free

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Master Class

Duration: 3 Months

Cost: $200

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Duration: Life time

Cost: $300

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Investment Plan


Minimum of $10,000

25% ROI

Stellar Plus

Minimum of $100,000

30% ROI

Premium PLans

Minimum of $200,000

35% ROI

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